Beyography is the Beyoncé tribute dance class, where all the Naughty Girls and Baby Boys come to release their inner Divas. Every week in this intensive, two-hour class you’ll learn the complete choreography to a different Beyoncé song.

Nicky’s love for Beyoncé hit full steam with the release of the I Am… Sasha Fierce album. He took notice of the artistry of her video releases, from black & white to colour, beginning with the Fosse inspired Single Ladies video and was hooked from there on in. He joined the Beyhive officially when he attended not one, but four of Mrs. Carter World Tour dates between Toronto, Montreal and Mexico City in 2013.

Beyography began when Nicky’s friend (and now assistant) Katherine asked him to teach her the moves, and eventually went ahead and booked him a studio to start teaching a class for his friends. It has since become Nicky’s way of honouring the greatest living entertainer, spreading the love of her music and appreciation for her hard work.

Beyography is not Nicky’s only passion. Since moving to Toronto from Ottawa in 2002, he has pursued a career in musical theatre and comedy as a performer and choreographer, improvisor, sketch writer, and producer. He is one of the minds behind the great success of such sketch shows as Everything Is Fine…, Panacea, and Everyone Loves Marineland: A Disco Musical Comedy. Nicky also hosted and produced the online talk show Quip Talk, in association with QuipMag.com, where his lead producer told him to stop talking about Beyoncé on air so much.

Not just a performer, Nicky also teaches music to babies through Fun With Music Together, and musical theatre to children through Act One School Of Drama, where he regularly forces Beyoncé-inspired choreography on the children.

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Katherine has always been a Beyonce fan and ever inspired by her talent dating back to the Destiny’s Child years.  It is Queen Bey’s unparalleled voice and incredible performance ability that has motivated Katherine to partner up with Nicky and teach Beyography to the T.O. Beyhive. Week after week her sparkly personality and charm put an extra glow on the exciting and fun filled classes of Beyography.

When she’s not teaching the “Uh-Oh” at the dance studio, Katherine is writing music and singing in her band, Blue Copper, of Toronto.  Her passion for music and dance is deeply rooted and she is stoked to be pursuing her dreams in Canada’s biggest city centre for arts.